HTTP Administration Overview

Riak CS exposes the following administrative capabilities over HTTP above and beyond those associated with Riak itself:

Task CS URI Further reading
User management /riak-cs/user Account Management
User access statistics /riak-cs/usage Querying Access Statistics
Storage statistics /riak-cs/usage Querying Storage Statistics
Global statistics /riak-cs/stats Monitoring and Metrics

By default, these are accessible over the same IP/port as the rest of the CS API, but they can be configured to run elsewhere, with or without authentication.

Output format

For these requests, results are available as either JSON or XML. Request the appropriate data format by using the HTTP Accept header with either application/json or application/xml, respectively.


Each of these requests is performed over the CS HTTP port (8080 by default) or administrative port if configured via admin_port. The admin_ip configuration setting can be used to further isolate the administrative commands.

Only the admin user can view other users’ details unless the admin_auth_enabled config is set to false.

Retrieving Statistics Via S3 Objects

As an alternative to raw HTTP requests, the administrative requests can be issued via the S3 API. See the GitHub documents linked below for more details.