Community Overview

Our Community is an eclectic group of engineers, architects, academics and enthusiasts who care about solving the hardest problems of distributed systems with open source software. Riak, written in Erlang, tackles the continuing complexity of persisting unstructured data with an architecture uniquely designed to scale.

As a Community, our core belief is that there is no question too simple. You can freely share questions, answers and feedback without hesitation. Whether you need help or simply want to get involved, we are easy to contact.


We’re big on answering questions for beginner and veteran users alike. To make sure we can answer them, we curate a number of discussions on a daily basis.

Mailing List

The Riak Users Mailing List is highly trafficked and a great resource for technical discussions, Riak issues and questions, and community events and announcements.

We pride ourselves on answering every email that comes over the Riak User mailing list. Sign up and send away. If you prefer points for your questions, you can always tag Riak on StackOverflow.


Riak uses GitHub for the development of all of our code. Our core products are developed under the Riak organization. We also have Riak Labs, where we curate the rich ecosystem of contributors from our community. We also make use of GitHub for the submission and integration of all internal code and community pull requests. If you have general feedback beyond the scope of a single repo, open an issue under The Riak Community.

Events on

We have local meetups everywhere from Paris to San Francisco and back again. To find the one closest to you, search for Riak on

Riak on IRC

The #riak IRC room on is a great place for real-time help with your Riak issues and questions.

The Riak Blog

Members of the Riak team write frequently on The Riak Blog.


You can watch all the Riak-curated videos here.

Other Social

We are easy to find on social media sites. Like us on Facebook, chat on the Riak LinkedIn Group and follow us on Twitter. We have a growing following on Reddit as well.


Our platforms are complemented by the amazing efforts of the Riak team and the greater contributor community. Here are a few you don’t want to miss.

The Riak Recap

The Riak Recap is a periodic email to the Riak Users Mailing List to keep subscribers up-to-date on what’s happening in and around the Riak Community.


We’re re-energizing meetups throughout the world. The most active are:

The list of all related meetups are visible here. If you’re looking for assistance getting a meetup or user group started in your area, or want to tell the community about one that you’re starting, email


A healthy community includes the right amount of processes for everyone to work together. Here is the short list of resources:

Give Back

A Community is built around the code to help foster its growth, maturity, and adoption. Like the code, it needs to evolve, and unless it’s moving forward and being refined continuously, it ceases to be valuable.

You can give back as a member of our community by contributing to our public project: The Riak Community. You can help define our Meetup strategy and Code of Conduct or open GitHub issues for other requests.

And thank you. We’re happy you’re here.