PBC Yokozuna Index Put

Create a new index or modify an existing index.


message RpbYokozunaIndexPutReq {
    required RpbYokozunaIndex index  =  1;

Each message must contain a RpbYokozunaIndex message providing information about the index being stored.

message RpbYokozunaIndex {
    required bytes name   =  1;
    optional bytes schema =  2;
    optional uint32 n_val =  3;

Each message specifying an index must include the index’s name as a binary (as name). Optionally, you can specify a schema name and/or an n_val, i.e. the number of nodes on which the index is stored (for GET requests) or on which you wish the index to be stored (for PUT requests). An index’s n_val must match the associated bucket’s n_val.