Riak KV

Riak KV is a distributed NoSQL database designed to deliver maximum data availability by distributing data across multiple servers. As long as your Riak KV client can reach one Riak server, it should be able to write data.

Riak KV Enterprise includes multi-datacenter cluster replication, which ensures low-latency and robust business continuity.

Getting Started

Are you brand new to Riak KV? Start by downloading Riak KV, and then follow the below pages to get started:

  1. Install Riak KV
  2. Plan your Riak KV setup
  3. Configure Riak KV for your needs

Developing with Riak KV

If you are looking to integrate Riak KV with your existing tools, check out the Developing with Riak KV docs. They provide instructions and examples for languages such as: Java, Ruby, Python, Go, Haskell, NodeJS, Erlang, and more.

  1. Open Files Limit
  2. Installing on Debian-Ubuntu
  3. Developing with Riak KV: Searching
  4. Developing with Riak KV: Getting Started
  5. Developing with Riak KV: Client Libraries