Community Projects

Here are all projects that have come about out of community contribution. Let us know if you choose to maintain one of them!

Install and Configure

Here are the many recommended ways to get Riak KV started in your environment.

Local Development

There are a number of tools to get Riak running on your local system.

  • The Riak App is an OS X application to run Riak KV on a Mac
  • Vagrant-riak-meta is a collection of Vagrantfiles to spin up different versions of Riak on your laptop using Hashicorp’s Vagrant

Sample Applications

This a collection of sample applications built on Riak and Riak Core.


  • Zombie Riak is an implementation of inverted-indexes to fight off the zombie apocalypse
  • Dynamiq is a message queue powered by Riak KV and written in Golang. Read more about it
  • Notification is an HTTP-based notification web service, based on Yammer’s Streamie service, written in Java on top of Riak KV
  • Pyoko is a Django-esque ORM for Riak KV written in python

Riak Core

Riak Core (or riak_core as it’s written in the code) is the distributed systems framework that underpins Riak. For more general information on Riak Core, start with this blog post.

  • NKcluster is a framework for creating clusters of Erlang nodes of any size, and distributing and managing jobs
  • Riak Didgeridoo is an application that uses Riak Core to play distributed music

Monitoring and Management

Here are the most active contributions from the community.

Backup Tools

Here are some known most active contributions from the community.

  • riak-data-migratorfor migrating data from one or more buckets in a Riak KV store into another Riak cluster by exporting all data from buckets
  • riak-extl is a data migrator written in Elixir
  • riak-tools is an easy way to backup Riak KV clusters running on AWS

Other Tools and Projects

Some projects have lost its maintainer with time. Here are all projects that haven’t seen commits in quite a while and may be helpful as reference. Let us know if you choose to maintain one of them!