Launching and Stopping Riak CS

To launch Riak CS in the background:

sudo riak-cs start

To run Riak CS with an interactive Erlang console:

sudo riak-cs console

When Riak CS is running, the Riak CS process appears in the process list. To check for the Riak CS process, enter:

ps -ef | grep riak-cs

To stop Riak CS, enter:

sudo riak-cs stop

You can use the command

sudo riak-cs attach

to attach and obtain an interactive console to a running instance of Riak CS.

You can check the liveness of your Riak CS installation with the riak-cs ping command, which should return pong if Riak CS is up and running.

riak-cs ping

Please note that riak-cs ping tests only the liveness of Riak CS and does not test the connection between Riak CS and Riak. In order to test that, you can run a GET request against the /riak-cs/ping endpoint of a Riak CS node, as in the example below:

curl http://localhost:8080/riak-cs/ping