Riak CS Control

Riak CS Control is a standalone user management application for Riak CS. It provides a user interface for filtering, disabling, creating and managing users in a Riak CS Cluster.

Installing Riak CS Control

Riak CS Control is maintained as a separate application and can be installed via source or package.

Setting Up Riak CS Control

In the /etc/riak-cs-control/app.config file, configure the application with the information needed to connect to the Riak CS cluster you wish to administer.

Configuring Riak CS Control

{riak_cs_control, [
  %% What port to run the application on.
  {port, 8000 },

  %% Instance of Riak CS you wish to talk to.
  {cs_hostname, "s3.amazonaws.com" },
  {cs_port, 80 },
  {cs_protocol, "http" },

  %% Proxy information; necessary if you are using s3.amazonaws.com as
  %% your hostname.
  {cs_proxy_host, "localhost" },
  {cs_proxy_port, 8080 },

  %% Credentials you want the application to run as.
  {cs_admin_key, "admin-key" },
  {cs_admin_secret, "admin-secret" },

  %% Specify the bucket name for administration options.
  {cs_administration_bucket, "riak-cs" }

Running Riak CS Control

Start Riak CS Control as you would Riak or Riak CS with:

riak-cs-control start

The Users Page

When you first navigate to the Riak CS Control UI, you will land on the Users page:

Users Page

On this page you can quickly see all current Riak CS users along with their status, e-mail address, and credentials. From here you can filter, disable, create, and manage users in a Riak CS Cluster.