The Riak CS Fast Track

Riak CS (Cloud Storage) is simple, open source storage software built on top of Riak. It can be used to build public or private clouds, or as reliable storage to power applications and services. It features:

  • Highly available, fault-tolerant storage
  • Large object support and multipart upload
  • S3-compatible API and authentication
  • OpenStack Swift API (not covered in this fast track)
  • Multi-tenancy and per-user reporting
  • Simple operational model for adding capacity
  • Robust stats for monitoring and metrics

What is the Riak CS Fast Track?

The Riak CS Fast Track aims to get you up and running with Riak as quickly as possible, so that you can learn by doing. It presents alternatives to configuration and deployment of a local test environment and enumerates performing basic operations that illustrate Riak CS core concepts.

The Fast Track is designed for people with little or no experience with Riak CS, but can still be useful for more experienced users as well.

What does the Fast Track Cover?

The Fast Track takes you through the following sections: