Rolling Replaces

Riak KV functions as a multi-node system, so cluster-level version upgrades and restarts can be performed on a node-by-node or rolling basis.

The following steps should be undertaken on each Riak KV node that you wish to replace:

1. Create a free node:

a. Create an additional node with similar specifications to the other nodes in the cluster.

b. Or leave a node that is currently in the cluster:

  riak-admin cluster leave »nodename«

After creating a node or leaving a node, wait for all transfers to complete:

  riak-admin transfers

2. Join the free node to your cluster:

riak-admin cluster join »free_node«

3. Next, replace the free node with an existing node:

riak-admin cluster replace »free_node« »nodename«

4. Then review the cluster transition plan:

riak-admin cluster plan

5. And commit the changes:

riak-admin cluster commit

6. Wait for all transfers to complete:

riak-admin transfers

7. Repeat steps 2-6 above until each node has been replaced.

8. Join the replaced node back into the cluster or decommission the additional node that was created.