Configure Riak TS

Depending on your needs, you can configure Riak TS in each node’s riak.conf file.

Configuration options


Use timeseries_query_timeout_ms to configure the timeout (in milliseconds) for queries, after which a timeout error is returned.

timeseries_query_timeout_ms = 10000

Maximum quanta

Use timeseries_query_max_quanta_span to configure the maximum number of quanta that a query can span. The quanta relates to the table’s quantum.

timeseries_query_max_quanta_span = 3

For example, if you set quantum(time, 15, 'm') in your Riak TS table, setting timeseries_query_max_quanta_span to ‘5’ would allow a query to return results within a time span of 75 minutes. If a query has a larger time span, the error too_many_subqueries will show and the query will not run.

This option is intended to prevent excessively long-running queries that could affect the performance of the cluster.

Maximum queries

Use timeseries_max_concurrent_queries to set the maximum number of queries that can run concurrently per node. The total number of queries that can be run on a cluster is the number of nodes multiplied by the timeseries_max_concurrent_queries value. This constraint is to prevent an unbounded number of queries overloading the cluster.

timeseries_max_concurrent_queries = 3