Reporting Bugs

Bugs happen. The Riak Dev Team does all that it can to ensure our users are kept up-to-date on critical bugs and issues that may occur. Here’s the protocol to follow when you think you might have found something that needs reporting.

Before You File a Bug or Issue

Before you file a bug or issue, we ask that you put in the necessary time and research to ensure that what you are reporting is in fact a bona fide bug and not the result of some other configuration, operating system, or application problem. To ensure that your bug report is worth filing, please attempt do the following:

Writing and Filing Your Bug Report

You’ll need a GitHub account to file an issue. If you do not have one, you can sign up for a free account.

  • Select the appropriate GitHub repo for your bug. There is a lot of code that makes up Riak, so be sure to select the correct repository. For example, if Riak is failing to build due to some specific environment variable, this should be filed against the Riak repo. If Riak’s Search API is failing for a given query, this is an issue for the yokozuna repository.
  • Compose and submit your issue, providing as much detail as possible. Strive to be concise, precise, and clear. Include version numbers, relevant code snippets, steps to reproduce, etc.

If at any point you have a question about how to file a bug, please reach out to the Riak Mailing List.

And thank you for being part of the community! We love you for it.