Go Client API

You can develop applications and tools using Riak TS with the Riak Go client. This document covers the Go API for Riak TS.

You will need to use version 1.7.0 or later of the Go client to use the TS API.


TS support within the Go client is implemented through the following 5 command builders, each with a factory:

Command Builder
Store TsStoreRowsCommandBuilder
Fetch Row TsFetchRowCommandBuilder
Delete Row TsDeleteRowCommandBuilder
Query TsQueryCommandBuilder
List Keys TsListKeysCommandBuilder
Language Source Documentation
Go riak-go-client GoDoc

Data Types

  • TsColumnDescription - Holds the data that describes a column
  • TsCell - Holds the data and data type
  • Row - A slice of cells

Data Type Details


A TsColumnDescription contains the column name and column data type. They are generated when receiving responses from the TsFetchRowCommand and TsQueryCommand operations.


A cell contains a piece of data for a row in a Riak TS table and can hold 5 different types of raw data:

  • Varchar - standard Go string
  • SInt64 - any signed 64-bit integers
  • Double - any 64-bit floating point number
  • Timestamp - any Unix epoch timestamp as int64
  • Boolean - a true/false value.

A cell is constructed by using one of the cell factory methods for the various data types.

  • cell := NewStringTsCell("South Atlantic")
  • cell := NewSint64TsCell(42816067)
  • cell := NewDoubleTsCell(49.0)
  • cell := NewBooleanTsCell(true)
  • cell := NewTimestampTsCell(time.Now()) - from a time.Time object, will be converted to UTC for you
  • cell := NewTimestampTsCellFromInt64(1443806900000) - from a unix timestamp
  • cell := nil - represents a null value
Instance Methods

Cells have struct getters to retrieve the cell value and the value’s data type.


A row contains a slice of cells, e.g. row := make([]TsCell, 5)


TsStoreRowsCommand, TsDeleteRowCommand

Have a boolean response value to signal if the operation was successful.


Returns a TsFetchRowResponse containing IsNotFound a flag for if the row was found, a []TsColumnDescription describing the table’s columns, and a []TsCell providing the row data.


Returns a TsQueryResponse containing a []TsColumnDescription describing the table’s columns and a [][]TsCell providing the data for each row.


Returns a TsListKeysResponse containing a [][]TsCell with each outer slice element representing a Primary Key for a row.