Installing on Mac OS X

Riak TS can be installed on Mac OS X systems using a binary package available here.

Mac OS X is only supported for developing with Riak TS and NOT for general operations.



OS X gives you a very small limit on open file handles. Even with a backend that uses very few file handles, it’s possible to run out. See Open Files Limit for more information about changing the limit.

Install Riak TS

To install Riak TS on your Mac, download the package and then run:

tar zxvf riak-ts-1.4.0-OSX-x86_64.tar.gz
cd riak-ts-1.4.0

Start your Riak TS node

Once you’ve installed Riak TS, start it on your node:

riak start

Verify Riak TS is running

You can verify that Riak TS is started and ready to use by pinging it.

riak ping

If Riak TS has started, you will receive a pong response. If it has not started, you will receive an error.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve installed Riak TS, check out Planning Your Riak TS Table.