Configure Multi-Datacenter Replication for Riak TS

Multi-Datacenter (MDC) replication makes it possible to replicate your time series data between Riak clusters. This document will walk through how to configure MDC to work with Riak TS.


  • You must be an Enterprise customer. To contact Riak for information on becoming an Enterprise customer, go here.
  • You must have Riak TS installed on two distinct clusters.

Warning: Do not attempt to replicate TS data to a Riak cluster on Riak KV or any version of Riak TS prior to 1.3.1.

  • You must be using Multi-Datacenter v3 (v2 is incompatible with Riak TS).
  • We do not yet support AAE-based fullsync with Riak TS.



Please see our documentation on basic configuration for MDC.

Unlike fullsync, realtime replication can be globally disabled for TS data without impacting the synchronization of Riak KV data.

Realtime replication for TS data can be disabled in the riak_repl section of your advanced.config file by adding the following setting:

    {ts_realtime, false}

If {ts_realtime, false} is not the last entry in your riak_repl configuration block, be sure to add a comma at the end of the line.

See below for more granular controls.

TS Tables

Each TS table to be replicated must be defined on each cluster. MDC will not create new tables for you, and will compare the data definition language (DDL) on each cluster to make certain they are equivalent before synchronization occurs.

Turn off replication per-table

In order to disable fullsync, realtime, or all replication for your TS tables, you will need to set the bucket type property repl to either realtime (to use only realtime sync), fullsync (to use only fullsync), or false. The default value is true, indicating that both realtime and fullsync are enabled.

To set the repl property to either true or false, you can use the riak-admin command. Assuming a table named sensors:

$ riak-admin bucket-type update sensors '{"props":{"repl":false}}'

If you wish to enable only one of the replication modes by setting repl to fullsync or realtime, you must use tweak the properties directly from a Riak node or use a protobuf client. Please contact Riak support for assistance.

While replication requires that the TS table be created on both clusters involved, the repl property need only be set on a cluster that will be sending data.