Deleting Data in Riak TS

Riak TS offers several ways to delete data: with clients, using the DELETE statement, and through global expiry. Global expiry is more efficient than other delete options but operates on all of your data. DELETE works per-row but takes more resources to run.

With Clients

Below are examples of how to delete data by key in each of our Riak TS-supported clients:

final List<Cell> keyCells = Arrays.asList(
  new Cell("South Atlantic"), new Cell("South Carolina"), Cell.newTimestamp(1420113600000));

Delete delete = new Delete.Builder("GeoCheckins", keyCells).build();

delete_operation = client, 'GeoCheckins'
delete_operation.key = ['South Atlantic', 'South Carolina', 1420113600000]
client.ts_delete('GeoCheckin', ['South Atlantic', 'South Carolina', datetime.datetime(2015, 1, 1, 12, 0, 0)])
var keyCells = new Cell[]
    new Cell<string>("South Atlantic"),
    new Cell<string>("South Carolina"),
    new Cell<DateTime>(FifteenMinsAgo)
var keyToDelete = new Row(keyCells);

var delete = new Delete.Builder()
RiakResult rslt = client.Execute(delete);
// rslt.IsSuccess will be true
var key = [ 'South Atlantic', 'South Carolina', 1420113600000 ];

var cb = function (err, response) {
    // NB: response will be true on success

var cmd = new Riak.Commands.TS.Delete.Builder()

riakc_ts:delete(Pid, <<"GeoCheckins">>, [<<"South Atlantic">>, <<"South Carolina">>, 1420113600000]).
$key = [
    (new Cell("region"))->setValue("South Atlantic"),
    (new Cell("state"))->setValue("South Carolina"),
    (new Cell("time"))->setTimestampValue(1420113600),

$response = (new Command\Builder\TimeSeries\DeleteRow($riak))
key := make([]riak.TsCell, 3)

key[0] = NewStringTsCell("South Atlantic")
key[1] = NewStringTsCell("South Carolina")
key[2] = NewTimestampTsCell(1420113600)

cmd, err := riak.NewTsDeleteRowCommandBuilder()

if err != nil {
    return err

err = cluster.Execute(cmd)

With DELETE statement

Delete a single record by key with the DELETE statement:

DELETE FROM GeoCheckin WHERE id ='myid' AND time = '2016-08-01 14:05:51.425Z';

See the DELETE in Riak TS page for more information on the DELETE statement.

With Global Expiry

Riak TS lets you configure global object expiration (expiry) for your data by adding leveldb.expiration and related settings to your riak.conf file. The following example enables expiry and sets objects to be removed after 1 day:

leveldb.expiration = on
leveldb.expiration.retention_time = 1d
leveldb.expiration.mode = whole_file

See the Configure Global Object Expiration page for more information.