Spark-Riak Connector Add-on (Riak TS)
Reading Data

Reading Data From TS Table


Riak TS tables can be queried using the sql() method:

val ts_table_name = "test-table"
val rdd = sc.riakTSTable(ts_table_name)
      .sql(s"SELECT * FROM $ts_table_name WHERE time >= $from AND time <= $to")


To use any of the Riak query functions, the initial RiakTSJavaRDD must be created by using SparkContextJavaFunctions.riakTSBucket() method. The resulting RiakTSJavaRDD still needs a SQL query string to perform a range scan:

String test_query = "SELECT * FROM %s WHERE time >= %d AND time <= %d  AND  weather = 'sunny'"

  .riakTSTable(TABLE_NAME, Row.class)
  .sql(String.format(test_query, TABLE_NAME, from, to));